Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International – Greater Phoenix Executive Chapter

President Tim King

Tim King – President

Tim King is the President of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International – Greater Phoenix Executive Chapter. The chapter was founded in October 2015 by the request of Saeed Hosseini, Norman Cheever and the former FGBMFI International President Richard Shakarian to start an Executive Chapter in Phoenix, Arizona. Tim is also the FGBMFI USA Director of Supernatural Ministries.

Tim is a (CMC) Certified Mortgage Consultant who originates Residential and Commercial Real Estate Loans. For more that 25 years he owned and operated First Capital Mortgage Corp. which had 21 branches in the Southeast, USA and was headquartered in Birmingham, AL.

In 1998 Tim was awarded the “Mortgage Broker of the Year” award by the NAMB “National Association of Mortgage Brokers.” As President of the Alabama Mortgage Brokers Association he lobbied with Senators and Congressmen in Washington, DC on behalf of the Mortgage Business.

Tim has been involved with FGBMFI for 40 years. In 1980 while in Enid, OK he was elected President of the FGBMFI Chapter and was later also VP of the FGBMFI Chapter in Shreveport, LA. In 1987 Tim helped Steven Kabachia, a Kenyan Minister, form “Jesus Harvester’s Ministry.” JHM now has 150 churches, a Bible College and an Orphanage in Kenya, Africa.

Tim married Clara at Milligan College in Tennessee. They have been married for 48 years, and have 4 children and 12 grandchildren.

Howard Sweatte – Vice President

Howard & Patricia

Howard Sweatte is an architect licensed in California and Arizona. Howard and his wife Patricia moved from Southern California to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2017. They are both active in the Greater Phoenix Executive Chapter of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, as well as their church and church groups. 

Howard and Patricia share a blended family of four adult children, and one step-daughter. Patricia is a graphic designer and artist, with a background in business and interior design. Patricia is the Social Media Marketing Manager for the Chapter.

Norman Cheever – Arizona Director of FGBMFI

Norm Cheever is the Arizona Director of FGBMFI, and the FGBMFI National Director for God Mobile Ministries. He is a talented musician, and the music minister for the Phoenix chapter. Norm is also the president of the Scottsdale, Arizona chapter of FGBMFI.

Norm is a former Music Director and English teacher, and a talented artist. He has been married to Sandy for 26 years. They have two daughters and six grandchildren. Both Norm and Sandy are active in the FGBMFI chapters and their church and church activities.

Greg & Vivian Herbert – Secretary/Treasurer

Greg is the CEO at Power Plus 2 Teamwork & Strength. He was an Army Special Forces, Green Beret and has a Master’s degree in Marketplace Ministry. Both Greg and his wife Vivian are active members in the FGBMFI Phoenix chapter. They have three children and five grandchildren.